All Things About Email Hosting Explained

The whole email industry had to undergo complete change and reinvent itself because of the growth of free email service providers like Google, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Most of the people who used to use paid services migrated to one of the free providers. As time passed by, emails either started getting combined with the web hosting package or were offered to the customer as a free add on service.

What is email hosting?

It is a service provided by most web hosting companies these days. It facilitates sending and receiving mails. These are not configured like the web servers. They have a completely different configuration. Every company may not be able to own email servers. As a result, email hosting is slowly growing as a service that is provided to different business owners depending on their needs.

Requirement for paid email services

There are a large number of free email service providers in the market. Why should one pay for email hosting then? This is because when you create an email id with a free service provider, your id will have the domain name of the service provider. On the other hand, a paid service provider will allow you to have the domain name of your business in the email id. If your business mail does not have the name of your domain, it can give an impression of a cheap and unreliable business organization.

How to choose an email service provider?

Email services are offered by almost every web hosting service provider. zakelijke email aanmaken That is why you need to know what to look into while choosing the provider. Given below are some of the things that you need to keep in mind before choosing your email hosting service:

IMAP/POP and SMTP Access

Make sure you check the kind of email access that your service provider is giving you. IMPA and POP are protocols that are used to read and access the mails. SMTP is used to send the mails. Try and choose a service provider that lets you choose the protocols you need.

Exchange and Web Mail

Some service providers may not permit webmail access to your email. Even among the ones that give you access, some of them may not be set up to give you exchange email. Ensure that your service provider gives you webmail and exchange access depending on what you need. This will let you check and reply to your mails from wherever you are, whether you are travelling, from your computer, laptop or phone.

Email Filtering

This is a feature that will let you organize your mails on the basis of already set rules. This is especially helpful if you get lots of mails and need to prioritize them. Ensure that your email hosting provider lets you choose the email filters that you require.


The security measures that email hosting providers take may be different depending on the provider. It is very important to make sure you check these measures before choosing the provider because the spam filtering, anti-virus check, firewall, etc can help a lot in creating a hassle free email experience.


You can automate most mails from your website if you set up auto responders. This can be another factor that can help you make your choice.

Other features

There are a number of other features of email hosting that can help you choose your email hosting provider. Some of these features include setting up email aliases, setting up a catch all email account, forwarding emails, email distribution list set-up and other marketing features that are offered by various service providers. Many times people ignore this aspect of a website till there is a need to set up an email service and then run around looking for an email hosting provider and spend extra money.

Most of the times people tend to believe that anything that comes cheap cannot be trusted and will be of a low quality. This can be the same with email hosting providers as well. However, we fail to realize that if the email hosting provider has a large number of clients, he/she will be able to distribute the cost among all the clients. As a result, he/she may not have to charge you a large amount of money for the service given. However, it is important to consider certain things when you come across a cheap email hosting provider.

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